Yoga + Karaoke: Sing Your Worries Away!

Spice your practice up with one of Yoga’s latest recreational variations, Karaoke Yoga! If your practice seems too strict and needs some livening up, this is the solution to your boredom. Whether you are a singing pro or just love singing in the bathroom, this fun Yoga experience will surely bring you joy and relaxation at the same time.

The joy-based Yoga practice was launched by Jennifer Pastiloff, an Equinox Yoga instructor based in Los Angeles. This new wave is getting more popular and taking over L.A., capturing media’s attention and gaining more followers.


Let Your Throat Chakra Take Over!

Karaoke Yoga will not be a wonderful experience if you are a strict, traditionalist kind of Yogi. The motive of this practice is to experience joy in a silly way without feeling silly while strengthening the body.

“If you’re looking for a strict, alignment-based yoga class, don’t come because this isn’t one of them.”, Pastiloff said in an interview with Relaxnews. The studio has a big screen where the lyrics will be shown so every student is able to sing his/her heart out along with everyone. This is also a very good social experience, sharing the fun with others and getting to know new people. “People are starved for connection in the world, and this class can offer that” Pastiloff added.

Singing solos are not included in the class. So if you’re pumping to practice your audition piece, this isn’t the class for you. Group singing (though maybe out of tune) is nothing but pure fun and a very effective way of busting stress out of the system.


What to Expect?

Singing while performing Yoga postures is definitely an intense workout! Doing the Downward Facing Dog while jamming to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” is a cardio you never expected. With the help of DJ Gina Mooring, they designed an hour of playlist that everyone loves, including music from Elton John, Adele and Michael Jackson. The famous hit from Beatles, “Let It Be”, is also included, where most students end up being emotional.

Having No Care Isn’t Careless

In this practice, people experience joy by being their authentic self: inspired and fearless. They do not care if they look silly. Karaoke Yoga is about feeding your soul by laughing, dancing, singing and balancing as you sweat. It is about letting go of worries, fears and doubts. It is not about perfect alignment or singing really good. It is about finding your inner authentic self and being connected to everyone around you.

To fully accept our messy human self is a task that most of us find hard to do. With all the perfection that the society and media influencing our belief of beauty, finding a way (such as Karaoke Yoga) to fully express and accept ourselves as we are while progressing to betterment is a gift. Remember that the practice of Yoga is intended to help you evolve as a soul having a physical experience. This means finding joy within, acceptance of your truth, connection and working towards unraveling your higher Self. So if you want to recreate your practice and spice it up with more fun, give Karaoke Yoga a go!

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