From Yoga Class to the Office

It would make our lives easier if we always had the time for a long shower, blow-drying our hair, and slipping into a fabulous outfit after yoga class, but the truth is that we rarely do. This means we have to find creative ways to dress both chic and comfortably – namely by going straight from yoga class to the office (or happy hour, brunch, running errands, etc.) still in our yoga clothes. Plus, who wouldn’t love to wear their favorite womens workout clothes all day long if given the option?

Luckily we’ve come up with a few simple tricks for freshening up your yoga look before heading straight to the office. Black outfits are classic, comfortable, and versatile, and paired with a few key items you’d be surprised at how easy it is to give them a little professional factor. The key is to invest in pieces that mix fashion and function.

Athleisure companies have started creating activewear designs that don’t look out of place in a boardroom, which means it’s time to learn how to wear those all day long and creating outfits for the weekday that allow for spontaneity actually go from yoga class to work or a social engagement if want to.

Here are a few tips and tricks for turning your yoga look into business casual fashion without changing out of your yoga :

Stick to Neutrals

Play it safe by sticking to neutrals when it comes to yoga clothes and dressing them up with other colorful accessories. Opt for sweat-wicking tees and tank tops over black leggings. Everything goes well together so choose any color you want for blazers, flats, and handbags. Sticking to the workout basics will make your outfit easier and faster to pull together.

Accessorize Appropriately


Make sure your accessories appropriately dress up your outfit depending on where you’re heading after yoga class. A statement necklace and blazer are perfect accessories for the office while a cozy cardigan and bright sunglasses probably fare better for brunch with your girlfriends. You can always change up your handbag, shoes, or coat to dress your every day up or down.

Keep Up with Seasonal Trends


No matter what season it is, you can find great seasonal trends and accessories to dress up your yoga look. Throw on a pair of chic booties in fall and winter, delicate ballet flats in the spring, and cute sandals for summer. Pair a statement necklace or statement scarf with your outfit depending on the temperature. And don’t forget what a difference a chic blazer or coat can make in pulling together your final look. Do you wonder which yoga exercises might be great for office work? Let Adriene help you!

Dress for the Occasion


If you’re going from yoga class to brunch then it’s appropriate to throw your leather jacket on over your activewear for a chic cool-girl look. However, if you’re heading back to the office for an afternoon meeting, it’s probably best to throw on a blouse, blazer, and pair of heels to match your whole look. Check out this cool video by Tim in which he explains good yoga exercises for office workers!

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